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Wayism: the Way of the true self

Wayism, the philosophy of The Way, is a worldview and lifestyle that is widely embedded in many cultures. It is not uncommon to find Wayists embedded in a religion, but most Wayists are not affiliated with religious organizations. There are Wayists individuals, groups and movements in every religion known to us.

Our worldview holds to ancient truths about the process and plan of the unfolding universe, which we call The Way. The Way happens whether we will it, want it or not. For example, the evolution of the soul is subject to the process and purpose of spiritual evolution in The Way.

Who are you?

In the evolution of the soul, there comes a time when you want to clearly understand your true essence and to express your authentic self.

To know who you are, becomes important to you. To connect your body’s cognitive mind to your true self becomes important.

You are ancient, you are a soul being. The role you play in this incarnation is simply that, a character in the soap opera of life. However, due to the soul’s emerging spiritual awareness and the fetters of incarnation, not so many souls are awakened to their true identity. Some awaken as we speak, others seem as if they slowly regain the skill to be their authentic, true self.

As a Wayist you connect your spiritual energy essence, your True self, with the Body and Mind of this incarnation and you never again lose sight of the true purpose of life. You start to live, experience life, through the spirit rather than through the filters of the culturally programmed brain.

We are soul beings who endeavor to qualify for a spiritual birth [twice born (Hindu), 2nd birth (Buddhist), born again (Wayist)]. When this happens, we metamorphose to become spiritual beings, and that changes our life’s purpose and our long-term future. In the future, we will exist as spiritual beings.

We are spiritual beings with seven spiritual minds, called chakras. Each chakra mind has its own area of responsibility. To know our own minds and to take control of them, is very important.

Where do I come from?

The question, “where do we come from?” is mildly important to the Wayist. We know that we are ancient souls who have been incarnating here for a long time, and that is good enough for now. Some of us have ideas that go beyond this basic truth, ideas that go into more detail, however that does not change how our Wayism is expressed.

Where am I going?

We understand the Purpose of Life to be to extract wisdom from every lifetime. We understand Earth as a School for Souls. We understand final enlightenment as graduation from this school and that brings and end to samsara; we don’t have to come back to school again unless it is for the purpose to tutor or teach or help with matters related to the school itself.

But what about beyond that, where are we going to after school? We do not dictate that. many Wayists are involved in religious organizations or spiritual movements with their own thinking on the long-term goal and purpose after graduation. It really does not matter because whatever The Way wants, it will happen. The Way flows for all beings.

If, in a future time, it becomes important for us to know the detail of where we are headed after graduation, surely The Way will make it known to us. For now, we concentrate on flowing in the Way as it leads us to graduation.

Three Pearls

Three words describe the highest wisdom of life, which we hope to gain as we grow into Light. These are humility, simplicity and compassion.

For the Wayist, these are the core and fundamental beliefs that form our worldview. Our teaching of the metaphysical laws of Karma, Dharma, Reincarnation, Spiritual helper beings, and Enlightenment are different from other schools of thought (almost every school of thought has its own definitions), more simple perhaps, yet the essence remains.


Wayism is a non-proselytizing spirituality movement; meaning that we have no desire or have motive to convert anyone to our way of belief or lifestyle. As you awaken, so will The Way become clear to you. Wayists are service oriented, on the Bodhisattva path–we make positive contributions to our community, and live happy, sensuous, full and authentic lives.

International Association of Wayist Organization is a worldwide self-regulatory body that guards the purity of Wayist teaching.


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