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Most Western Spiritualties have Eastern Roots

The concept of Universal Energy, which runs through all and everything, making us all part of the One, is essentially an eastern concept. Likewise, are the concepts of Karma, Dharma, Maya, Kundalini, Ahimsa, Chakras, Auras, Reiki, Holistic Massage, Pranayama, Prajnaparamita, etc.
Jesus taught in the east, and His teachings and Grace were embraced by Mahayana Buddhism in the biggest way possible – giving rise to the Lotus Sutra and Avalokiteshvara as World Savior in 78 AD. Jesus taught the same eastern concepts in the western world: The Light, spiritual rebirth, spiritual healing, angelic helper beings, the (then new) revelation of our Father in Heaven, and the most important aspect, the wisdom of loving-kindness. 

Many Generations of Light

It makes a huge difference to study human spirituality in the east, where people learn from their parents and community a spirituality so much deeper and more profound than what we can find in the west. As three-year-olds, these people already know concepts of ahimsa (cause no harm), reincarnation, karma, spiritual helpers and dharma (spiritual duty), etc.

These concepts are new to westerners, and there are thousands of books on the market which teach the wrong teaching, misguiding the readers. No sector of human awareness is so inundated with misinformation as is the spiritual aspect. This is sadly ironic. The reason why it is tolerated, is because for westerners, spirituality is a side-issue – while individualism, careers and consumerism reign supreme. In much of South East Asia, it is the other way around. Spirituality is Life itself – the very purpose of life. Careers and the accumulation of materialistic goods comes last, after the welfare of the community.

Study Spirituality in Cambodia

To be immersed in a spiritual learning environment in South East Asia is a privilege. One can hardly ever be a well-rounded matured-soul spiritual professional without this experience. That is why we locate our school in Southeast Asia and not in North America. 
Join our courses in Cambodia, Southeast Asia and work towards your personal enlightenment. If you are looking for responsible teachers who clear all the misguidance in the spiritual industry, then you should learn at the Pneumatherapist School. Benefit from over 30 years of experience of different cultures, teaching, techniques and spirituality.
You will love the people, they will love you, and your soul will thank you forever. 

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