Siem Reap

You will love the warm smiles, genuine and friendly, and beautiful hearts of the people – as we do.   Cambodia is known as ‘the land of smiles’. 



Siem Reap, with its roughly 175,000 inhabitants is a lively town, build in the middle of the jungle. It is famous for being the spiritual heart of Cambodia, with its long history and close location to the Angkor Wat temple complex. Siem Reap has been growing rapidly and with its dynamic town center and the more peaceful surrounding areas, it is a great place to relax as well as going out and having fun. The town has a lot to offer to tourists such as movies, cooking classes, traditional dance shows, dance lessons, silk weavers, lotus farm, and much more.

All information on available activities, including numerous free activities, are provided at our school, which will give you a great start for your time in Siem Reap. 


 Downtown Siem Reap, is a busy but nevertheless safe place. With more than 150 pubs, many more local and international restaurants and late-night dancing in the streets, it has become a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Pub Street, for example, had it been anywhere else in the world one would expect crime and an element of danger to go with the fun–but not in Siem Reap. It remains safe and pleasing even though its town center is what it is, a Pub Street. Most of Siem Reap is easily reached, day and night, on foot, by bicycle, moto taxi, or colorful tuk-tuks.