School of Pneumatherapy.


School of Pneumatherapy is Non-denominational Eastern and Western Spirituality

School of Pneumatherapy ™ is the only non-denominational, multi-disciplinary school for professional spiritual counsellors and therapists with exceptionally high standards. Become certified as a spiritual coach, spiritual teacher, spiritual community leader, spiritual energy worker – all in one course.

Enjoy a Career in Spiritual and Soul Therapy

Pneumatherapy is the English-language name for an ancient healing regime, in the Sanskrit known as Atman Jiva Cikitasa (Spirit Soul Therapy). We have separated the various aspects of Atman Jiva Cikitasa into modules and separate certifications to teach the ancient lifestyle of healing, spirituality and sustainability. Read more about the ancient healing regime on

Understanding the Soul and Body Minds

Instinctive mind
Instinctive mind is hardwired and coded into the genetic material of creatures.  The instinctive mind has problem solving abilities and functions that we are only now beginning to understand.  
Body-mind makes use of the brain to store information and memory. Body-mind helps the body to make sense of its environment and helps it to survive by doing problem solving and rational thinking. Body-mind can be programmed and conditioned to function according to particular ways of thinking.  

The soul has its own mind. Soul-minds are similar to body-minds but relate to wisdom rather than information and temporary knowledge. Human souls evolve, gaining wisdom. Wisdom is the insight into human nature, the nature of things and our interrelationships with creation.

 “The purpose of life is to advance in wisdom of the art of living in the human context – it is not about advancing the knowledge and rational faculties of body-mind.” ~ Wayism.

Spiritual mind
Spiritual mind has the insight of many realms of creation.  As the soul matures and a spiritual mind awakens, the soul develops spiritual consciousness and awareness – that is the beginning of the process of enlightenment.  


Diploma: Certified Pneumatherapist includes 8 professional certifications and licenses

  • Certified Meditation Instructor (4 main styles: Matra, Active, Vipassana, Zen)
  • Reiki Master
  • Certified Prana Therapist for local and distance Energy Work
  • Certified Holistic Masseuse and Reflexologist
  • Certified Chakra and Karma Therapist
  • Certified Spiritual Counsellor
  • Light Worker
  • Certified Lifestyle Coach

Certificates: 8 professional certifications and licenses

The Pneumatherapist Diploma is separated into modules and certifications for people who prefer to do only parts of the ancient lifestyle of healing, spirituality and sustainability. (as per Pneumatherapist diploma information and prosepectus).

“School of Pneumatherapy ushers in a new era of dignity and public trust, it changes forever the image of spiritual workers. Future Swamis and Gurus, Spiritual Healers, Energy Workers and Light Workers will most probably all have graduated from this innovative concept in spiritual skills and wisdom training.” Acharya +Yajn


Pneuma (Gk) means spirit | psyche (Gk) means soul Chakra healing and light worker reiki prana yoga therapy
Pneuma is the ancient Greek word for spirit. This word was used by philosophers (Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, etc.) and spiritual leaders (Jesus, Philo of Alexandria, etc.) to speak of spirit. The Greek word for soul is psyche, the root of the word psychotherapist.
The professional pneumatherapist is certified to work as a spiritual leader, teacher of spirituality, energy healer, light worker, spiritual counsellor, spirituality coach, Reiki practitioner, holistic massage therapist, chakra therapist, prana healer, lifestyle coach and a source of beauty, peace and healing in her/his community.

The Pneumatherapist traverses and exceeds religions, s/he is comfortable in most traditions and works well when immersed in particular religious traditions.

The Pneumatologist has an expanded knowledge about metaphysics and the laws of metaphysical nature.
Pneumatologists and Pneumatherapists have a good working knowledge of Human Anatomy, Sanskrit Terminology, Anatomy of the Soul, Ontology, the Nadis and Kundalini, Karma, Dharma, Reincarnation, Channeling Healing, and Mystical Energy, ancient Sutras and source documents behind these metaphysical disciplines, world religions, and more.
Pneumatologists are well-rounded souls who are in contact with their higher-selves and the energies that permeate our universe.

Knowledge, combined with practiced skill as a lifestyle, becomes wisdom. That is what we learn and teach, the wisdom of Pneumatology and skill of Pneumatherapy.
Become certified as a professional who practices the Spiritual Healing and Coaching Arts and Sciences.


Eight-weeks full time, 300 contact hours
Pneumatologists are exceptionally well qualified spiritual leaders and healers. They are trained by teachers who are not only highly developed in spirituality, but also have solid academic credentials in world religions and spirituality, obtained in Nepal, India, South Africa, Canada (from real, properly accredited universities, seminaries and colleges).
Graduates spend 2 months, 7 hours per day, in the presence of advanced teachers. Graduates have no less than 200 hours’ hands-on practical training in different techniques before they graduate. They have solid academic, theoretical and practical skills in pneumatology and pneumatherapy, and have studied the origins of spiritual traditions and techniques from ancient sources.

Additional Professional Certifications
Presuming all electives are chosen, the diploma comes with eight professional certifications shown above. If not completed during the course, you can always finish the theoretical modules online, in your own good time but all the practical hours will be done already.

  • Certified Coach in Mysticism
  • Life Coach
  • Sacred Sensuality Coach
  • Optional elective, Ordination as minister of religion in Wayism, a North American registered religious organization with a worldwide base.

If you already have certification as a Reiki Master, for example, you will have free time to elect additional courses for other specialties.

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