Pneumapath: LEVEL 4 certification

LEVEL 4 certification for the designation Pneumapath

Level 4 certification Pneumapath (specialist spiritual energy healer) is the final step to being certified as a Professional Pneumapath.

Level 4 certification Pneumapath is for setting up the highest standard of professional practice as spiritual healer, or to work unsupervised as a healer at a clinic or center for spiritual healing, or to teach Pneumatherapy.

Focus of study: Pneumapathy

  • Submit no less than fifty (50) case studies with therapeutic plans and measured outcomes
  • Submit no less than six (6) papers for publication by IAP
  • Treat no less than one hundred (100) clients

Duration: Two years’ experience as Pneumatherapist


No less than three (3) IAP approved continuing education Professional Development courses

Certified for: Pneumatherapy Level 4: Pneumapathy:

Certificate of Accomplishment: Pneumatherapy Level 4: Pneumapathy

Submit certificate to IAP for licensing as CERTIFIED AND LICENCED PNEUMAPATH

Can work without supervision

Can teach pneumapathy in an authorized institution