LEVEL 3 certification Pneumatherapist

LEVEL 3 (Pneumatherapist)

Level 3 certification pneumatherapist (spiritual energy healer) is the final step to being certified as a professional Pneumatherapist.

Level 3 certification in spiritual energy healing (pneumatherapy) is for setting up professional practice as spiritual healer, or to work as a healer at a clinic or center for spiritual healing.

Level 3 certification Pneumatherapist is pre-requisite for studies toward the designation Pneumapath.

Focus of study: Pneumatherapy

  • Advanced Spirituality
  • Advanced Spiritual Guidance and Intuition
  • Therapeutic Theory and the Therapeutic Plan
  • Energy Healing
  • Marma Point Therapy
  • Meridian Therapy
  • Chakra Therapy
  • Counselling – Body-mind therapy
  • Theory of hypnosis and guided meditation – body-mind therapy
  • Dosha lifestyle therapy
  • Meditation therapy

Duration: Twelve full days’ practicum


Online self-study preparation mandatory

Prerequisite exams before attending practicum

Time required, minimum fourteen days or 100 hours’ theory and exams


Duration twelve full days’ practicum, total of 120 hours

Certified for:

Certificate of Accomplishment: Pneumatherapy Level 3: Pneumatherapist

Submit certificate to IAP for licensing as CERTIFIED AND LICENCED PNEUMATHERAPIST

You can work in a clinic as assistant to a Pneumapath or start your own Pneumatherapist practice while under supervision.