LEVEL 2 certification Spiritual Energy Healing

Pneumatherapy Certification Level 2: Healing Loved ones

Level 2: Energy Diagnostics

Level 2 certification spiritual energy healing is the second step for all studies in Pneumatherapy. Level 2 certification in spiritual energy healing (pneumatherapy) is for advanced diagnosis of spiritual energies, and basic treatment of energy fields. Advanced skills in detecting energies, and diagnostic skills that involve tongue diagnosis, nails, pulse diagnosis, Ayurvedic dosha, yinyang energies, meridian diagnosis and more.

Members with this certification may diagnose and treat loved ones, without remuneration.


  • Skilled in performing energy diagnosis
  • Can perform a full energy audit on a client/patient
  • Can revitalize the chakras and help to direct soul-mind energy of self and family members, without remuneration
  • Can work as assistant to Pneumatherapist in clinical settings

Focus of study: The Measure of, and Diagnosis of Spiritual Energies

  • Spirituality
  • Spiritual Guidance and Intuition
  • Theory of Diagnosis
  • Diagnostic interview and basic counselling skills
  • Ayurvedic Dosha Constitution for Pneumatherapy Diagnosis
  • Pulse Diagnosis for Pneumatherapy Diagnosis: Meridians
  • Pulse Diagnosis for Pneumatherapy Diagnosis: Yin/Yang energies
  • Tongue Diagnosis for Pneumatherapy Diagnosis
  • Nail Diagnosis for Pneumatherapy Diagnosis
  • Foot Reflexology for Pneumatherapy Diagnosis
  • Chakra Diagnosis
  • Meridian Diagnosis
  • Karman Yoga Meditation
  • Meditation

Duration: Twelve full days plus 100 hours of theory


Online self-study preparation mandatory

Prerequisite exams before attending practicum

Minimum 100 hours of study or two weeks, full days


Duration twelve full days’ practicum, total of 120 hours

Certified for:

Certificate of Accomplishment: Pneumatherapy Level 2: Energy Diagnostics

Can work in a clinic as assistant to a Pneumapath

Mode of Training??

Level 2 certification is presented as a 6-day workshop-course. The course is often presented as as a healing retreat. One example of this is the 6-day Energy Healing Retreat of the Wayist Energy Center in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Certification in Level 1 Pneumatherapy is pre-requisite for studies in Level 2