LEVEL 1 certification Spiritual Energy Healing

Pneumatherapy Certification Level 1: Self-Healing

Level 1 certification spiritual energy healing is the first step for all studies in Pneumatherapy. Level 1 certification in spiritual energy healing (pneumatherapy) is for self-understating, spiritual energy awareness and self healing.


  • Understands Soul, Mind and Body as an integrated holistic body
  • Knowledge of chakras as soul minds and how it affects individuals and communities
  • Self-understanding and knowledge of what makes people think the way the do.
  • Understands Prana and how it acts as a healing force
  • Can revitalize own chakras and can ┬ádirect mind energy
  • Skilled in Karman Meditation and meditation theory
  • Skilled in self-healing, prana self-therapy

Mode of Training

Level 1 certification is presented as a 6-day workshop-course. The course is often presented as as a healing retreat. One example of this is the 6-day Energy Healing Retreat of the Wayist Energy Center in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Certification in Level 1 Pneumatherapy is pre-requisite for studies in Level 2

Please note:

If your spiritual retreat center wants to present Level 1 seminars or retreats, please contact us for licensing and materials.