Healing Clinic

1 April 2016

We are in proces to update this page with the new Healing Clinic options available to the public, at the Siem Reap Campus. Thanks for your patience

Acharya Yajn serves our clinics and schools in Cambodia and in Canada.

He writes under the name of Jean du Plessis

Energy healer and spiritual teacher Yajn

Acharya Yajn is a master healer in the Universal Energy tradition (氣, qi, rei ki, prana). Trained in the classic styles of theory and practise of spiritual traditions, Yajn has more than 30-years experience removing negative spiritual energy, healing chakras and correcting negative karma in the soul. Yajn’s experience has taken him all over the world, Africa, India, Europe, Canada and now Cambodia.

Consultations with Yajn may be supplemented with holistic massage, meditation training, and energy work and herbal tinctures made at the center. All these services are available on premises.