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      03 January to 28 February


      02 March to 28 April.


      02 May to 28 June


      02 July to 28 August


      02 September to 28 October 


      02 July to 29 December

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Diploma Spirit-Soul Therapist (Pneumatherapist)

The Soul-Spirit Therapist Diploma includes 8 weeks’ full-time studies in Siem Reap / Cambodia. Earn eight professional certifications and licenses in one comprehensive Diploma course. Four additional electives available.


For the eight-week duration of the course, our fees for 2015/2016 is USD$3,560 (see Prospectus).

This is a comparably low price for a course with more than 300 contact hours and this quality of training. We try to keep our prices down, but since the Asian economy is doing so well, the pressure is on. Only in the exotic and safe Cambodia can we manage to keep prices this low. 

Fees include

Learning materials (excl. handbooks)

Use of a bicycle

Bottled water

Siem Reap town orientation tour

Angkor Wat Temples excursion, transport included

Museum entrance

Numerous other excursions 

Information session on free activities 

And more ….

Fees payment Plan

It is also possible to pay the 8-weeks Pneumatherapist course in monthly installments. The installments need to be paid before starting the course so that the full amount is paid when starting the course. 
  • Deposit: $580
  • Monthly installments are calculated according to the number of months to the start of your course. (example of enrollment 9 months before the course: Deposit $580 on enrollment, and 8 monthly payments of $372.50)
Please note that the full amount of the course needs to be paid before the course starts.
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Certificates: 8 professional certifications and licenses

The Pneumatherapist Diploma is separated into modules and certifications for people who prefer to do only parts of the ancient lifestyle of healing, spirituality and sustainability. (as per Pneumatherapist diploma information and prospectus).

We are in proces to update this page with the new Short Course options available to the public, at the Siem Reap Campus. Thanks for your patience

  • Certified Meditation Instructor (4 main styles: Vapassana, Mantra, Zen and Active)
  • Reiki Master
  • Certified Prana Therapist for local and distance Energy Work
  • Certified Holistic Masseuse and Reflexologist
  • Certified Chakra and Kundalini Therapist
  • Certified Spiritual Counsellor
  • Light Worker
  • Certified Lifestyle Coach



Internships sometimes become available. Watch the newsletter. 

July 2016 open
Marketing assistant
$500 discount on tuition. assistant online marketing and admin. 1 1/2 hours per day, July to December for duration of courses. Credits are earned toward the Marketing your Practice module.



The purpose is for you to assess whether the course is what you want, and for us to assess whether we have an opening to suit your requirements. Also, we answer all your questions. 

Enroll Diploma: Certified Pneumatherapist

Enroll Diploma: Certified Pneumatherapist

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