Responsible Spiritual Training

Excellent Qualifications and Training

Breaking with traditions of old, in which spiritual Swamis, Gurus and Healers were mostly self-appointed, untested, and go along unchecked; Pneumatologists are academically qualified, peer-reviewed, well-developed spiritually, and submit to the continued scrutiny and support of their peers and teachers.

Professional Spiritual Healing Arts and Sciences

areer spiritual coach certification, yoga trainer, reiki, holistic massage, tantra, prana energy, A dentist’s mistake may cost the patient temporary pain, or damage to her jaw and teeth. An ill-trained spiritual counselor can cost one a lifetime or two, wasted time, for treading down the wrong path in search of a happiness and light that simply will not come. But, that’s not all. One shudders to think what happens when the ill-trained spiritual coach unknowingly opens herself and her clients up to spiritual dangers–many lifetimes of hell-type troubles may lay ahead. It is wrong, irresponsible and rather selfish to not take care to have the right and proper training when working with people’s eternal selves. Every lifetime has teeth, and damage to teeth is of no consequence after this lifetime. But one’s soul…the damage continues and stays with you.

The karma acquired when causing damage to a soul because of ego, neglect and disrespect is something that all people would want to avoid if only they knew the severity of the penalties.

The time has arrived for responsible spiritual qualifications. To teach and heal in this (very) important discipline, we need responsible standards, and School of Pneumatherapy (part of Pranjaparamita College of Pneumatology) leads the way.

Furthermore, Pneumatologists from our institute maintain exceptionally high standards by meeting requirements of annual Continued Education courses to renew their license.

Soon, we hope to see a world where it will be questionable for someone to practice as a spiritual healer / teacher / guide, if the individual’s qualifications are limited to a few seminars or having read a few books by people who are themselves not necessarily well qualified, but for marketing hype.

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