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Pneumatherapists enjoy best-in-class Spiritual Coach Certification, and more…

Pneumatherapists, whether they practice primarily as Yoga teachers, Reiki healers, Sacred Sensuality or Chakra Karma therapists, are first and foremost Spiritual Coaches. People always look to them for wisdom, for compassion and healing but also for guidance and direction. Graduates of the Higher Diploma : Certified Pneumathrapist from our 2-month full-time program in Cambodia outside of Angkor Wat, receive several certifications and licenses. Among them, the Certified Spiritual Coach license.  angel feather spiritual coach certification

The reasons why our coach program turns out exceptionally successful coaches is because the breadth and depth of the training. We are not, here, talking about hundreds of hours of theory but mostly practice. Students are themselves in counselling, and in return counsels fellow students for several weeks. Combined with the theory and wisdom from all the other courses in the program, the graduate becomes a finely tuned instrument of peace, guidance and spiritual direction.

We know more about religions, their backgrounds and why they hurt so much at times. We learn how people who would tick “Spiritual but not Religious” in a ballot, but grew up in a society with a particular religious slant cannot simply shed those influences. It owns their minds subconsciously and comes to the front when trouble strikes (sickness or another suffering). It bothers them when they have to organize a funeral for a loved one. There are times when your help is desperately needed–and you will be there, well qualified and ready to be a pillar for them to lean on. We learn and practise different counseling techniques and skills. We learn how to teach troubled people to find respite in meditations that will work for their minds, in their lives. We learn how to guide people to the Light that heals.  spiritual counseling certification cambodia love is healing As students in this course, we change. We change a lot. We become what we never thought possible. We become so well versed in our own selves because we are subjected to our fellow student’s scrutiny, input, insights and help as they hold a mirror up for us to get to know ourselves and work on our issues. And of course, we return the favor. For weeks on end. And everyone, everyone, is matured, changed, and have found an inner strength and peace never before thought possible. The certification as a spiritual coach, in itself, becomes as nothing because of the tremendous approval and justification we have in our hearts and souls. We are equipped to go out there and be excellent spiritual coaches not because of the piece of paper, or the person we were before the course, but because of the wisdom we gained and the growth in which we matured.  pneumatology pneumatherapy study in cambodia spiritual coenseling coach certification

It is therefore not surprising that several students choose to add the module for ordination as a Wayism minister to their goals. For many of us, it becomes 2nd nature and just feels right to provide that something extra to our following.

Hope to see you on campus. We have amazingly beautiful times together in Asia. It is a lot of fun, the humidity is always 30% higher than the price of beer (which is 50 cents), and it truly is a boot camp program that keeps us very busy but there is never a dull moment, never does it feel ‘too much’, and every minute is worth it and lovingly remembered.




Experience the joy of giving freedom from culturally conditioned thinking. Enjoy the gift of being able to give hope.

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