Reiki and Prana Therapist

Universal Energy Therapist

School of Pneumatherapy certifies and licenses graduates for both Reiki and Prana Healing. While similar in technique, there are major differences in approach and manipulation of energies. It is more than beneficial to have both skills. There is a depth of spirituality that happens when one has the theory and hands-on experience of both systems–as if a new, superior system is developing within you. And that is what we are going for.

Reiki Healing is from a Buddhist/Japanese background




Reiki as a discipline is a more recent development than Prana healing, by about 1,500 years.

From Japan, rooted in Avalokiteshvara’s Zen, it is simple, humble, compassionate and a beautiful lifestyle.





Prana Healing comes from ancient India




Where Reiki relies more on the flow of universal energy, Prana Healing works also with the soul’s energy generators.

The combination of the two systems form a new whole. We don’t know that we are the first to do this, and do not claim to have invented the combination style (although, in the West one should, hey) but there are beautiful benefits to being skilled in both. Your healing services take on another dimension.



Healing energy is all around us, in us, and part of all things. It is also streamed to the henergy healing certification pneumatherapistealer by spiritual helpers, probably a purer or more vigorous form of the Chi/Prana normally available to us.

How does energy healing work?

Nobody knows but we do know a lot of things from experience over several millennia. And that is what we learn.

There are many who speak and write as if they truly know the theory but we prefer to rather remain quiet a little bit, being in awe and all that, and simply practice and experience the force as it comes.

What is your instinctive reaction to a hurt; a burn, pain, a cut…? It is to hold your hand to the site. It is to put it in your mouth. An animal who does not have hands, she licks her owie. We have built-in healing abilities. We have come several million years to here–without the FDA, modern medicine, big pharma and Monsanto.

Our Course Covers Both Disciplines

Graduates are separately certified for each of these disciplines because consumers and employers may want it that way.

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