Lightworker Energy Therapist

Light Workers, are how Angels Heal the World

Senior spiritual beings are very powerful beings, but on Earth they need humans to act on their behalf. They inspire, equip and uphold their workers because without those humans the good Grace from the Divine will not be apparent to people in darkness of ignorance, pain, poverty and struggle.

“Light Workers are tools in the capable hands of the gods”, is how it was said in the 1st century AD.

 You would not be reading this if you were not called to be a Light Worker 
 angel healing

 What do we need to learn?

The Pneumatherapist course transfers Light Worker skills and teaches theory that you can use for years to come. Additionally, there are secular skills that one may need to do the job: Facebook Group management, and Lightworker Group management in your town are among those skills. 

The Light-worker is essentially a mystic who is intent on receiving and disseminating positive spiritual energy. People are brought into your path to tap into the Energy which you make available to all.  

  • We learn how to be attuned
  • Discernment or whether what we think we heard is truly what was communicated
  • What spiritual beings do for us, and the things that just do not concern them at all
  • Receiving energies
  • Giving healing energies
  • Spreading the Light
  • Being the Light
  • Meditation
  • Who heals the healer?
  • Taking it to the next level
  •  To engage cleints or to not engage
  • Working from a distance
  • Working behind the scenes
  • Taking a stand
  • Living lovingkindness under difficult circumstances
  • Lightworkers and the Christ
  • Lightworkers in Buddhism
  • Lightworkers in Tantra and in the Baghavad Gita


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