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East / West spiritual myth and truth

Westerners know that chakras have the colours of the rainbow, but that is news to easterners. Why is that?

Well, sad to say, but chakras “got their colors” from a 1970s book published in the USA by a fellow who had never studied the original, ancient wisdom handed down to the human race over more than 2,000 years. Eastern Chakra and Karma Therapists know a different truth about the anatomy of the human soul. 

It is strange, dont you think? Colors are colors because they are discernible by the human eye–its comes with that tiny band of energy known as “visible light”. However, the eye cannot see the chakras. 

The energy is the chakras are, in truth, not from from the visible light energy spectrum. If it were, we would all have seen chakras and auras with our eyes. The energy we sense in our souls comes from a non-visible spectrum, therefore the eye cannot see it. We can sense the soul (aura) and we teach students to do so, but it is not discernible by the human eye. Many in the West have very little, if any, proper training in these matters. There are many myths and downright untruths going about western society regarding spirituality.

Lets face it. Western societies are a few hundred years old. While, several thousands years ago when the west was but a baby there were immense civilizations is Cambodia, India and China.

.pneumatherapist-eastern-healing-science-arts-cambodiaWesterns added to the rainbow colors and various other elements that are not part of the ancient traditions. Right or wrong? To answer that question, we study both systems–the ancient Eastern systems from the Upanishads and the Western ‘system’ or what seems to be a system. Fad, nonsense or not–it is what your clients know and you need to know as well. You are a professional healer and coach, and you must do that ethically, and work with your client in her own frame of reference. That was one myth that we just debunked. During the course, we debunk many myths and replace it with ancient and spiritually scientific wisdom, then we find a way to incorporate the myth-language in our practise in order to serve our clients appropriately. 

Soul-minds and Karma

Four of the seven primary chakras are soul minds. Collectively, they constitute the soul body. Over many incarnations these minds learn and evolve. The pneumatherapist, who is a specialist in chakra karma therapy, can have insight into the soul minds to get a workable idea of the main challenges a soul came to face in this incarnation. This helps the therapist to be a true spiritual coach and counsellor.

With this information in hand–what is your opinion. Can we “balance” a chakra? I mean, it is a mind and mental state, ages old. Is a simple “balancing” ritual sufficient? No, it is not. It helps, like getting a manic person to calm down, but it is not a cure to have balanced or calmed the mind, it is a temporary symptomatic relief. In the course, you will get many hours of hands-on experience in this art. By the time you graduate you will be a respected expert.

The trainer for this part of the course, Jean du Plessis, is a well-known spiritual teacher and writer who had also developed several diagnostic tools for use by pneumatherapists.


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