The State of the Spiritual Industry

The current state of the Spiritual Healing industry is encouraging. The industry is in a mess, replete with charlatans both cheap and super expensive, self-declared gurus and highly-marketed glamour personalities. However, as with most abusive things in life, the charlatans have pushed it too far and the people are reacting against them. And this is the good thing that is happening right now.

There are grassroots movements now ongoing in India, Indonesia, Japan and the USA (that we know of) to investigate light workers, healers, spiritual swamis and yogis. Their lifestyles and qualifications are scrutinized and charlatans are publicly shamed. This is the start of a correction that had been a long-time coming.professional spiritual certifications Professional Spiritual Workers and healers have forever been an essential part of human society. Modern medicine is now about 150-years old but its abuse and usary and wholesale disregard for humanity has put us all on guard. We do not trust doctors, dentists and therapists any more than we trust bankers. As a race, we humans have never gone without our spiritual healers and now we see a time when the larger percentage is moving toward holistic, honest healing.

Professional Associations

The western way of thinking, immediately says that professional associations will be a solution to guard the standads. The western mind also thinks that we should legislate to control these things. However, the western mind also recalls that we do have the FDA, and professional medical and psychiatric and dental associations–and we are being abused by them chalatans as never before. Nevertheless, western society is already inundated with so-called professional associations for spiritual and alternative therapists. Anyone can, and too many people do, start professional associations who are themselves no more authentic than the people manipulating consumers. Well, the time has come for the industry to self-correct. People are reacting. 

Professional Tuition

The key to healing the industry lies not in creating more professional associations. I mean, with 1,400 of them in North America, we have a mess. What we need is professional training, real professional training, true training that takes cognizance of human spiritual traditions, skills and wisdom over the ages–not just a book or seminar from some well-marketed gift-of-the-gab fad guru. 

Prajnaparamita College of Pneumatology

Our College of Pneumatology and its School of Pneumatherapy takes the lead in providing the best tuition available. Just like the industry at-large, we represent a new beginning. The world is small now, with East and West co-mingling every day. Spiritual Worker Professionals simply must have a well-rounded academic background and hands-on skills training in various techniques. Ask any asana yoga teacher whether they can pay their bills. No. Today, you need to provide more than just stretching and posture classes. As a professional, you need to do therapy, meditation training, yoga and Reiki and prana healing and spiritual instruction, and more… The bar had been lifted and that is a good thing. It will weed out the hobbyists and potentially dangerous guides who are ignorant of how deep their ignorance runs. 

We live in exciting times

Spiritual Guidance had been freed from the sole-franchise of the Church. It is now in the hands of spiritual people. We inherited this privilege from those who wrestled society loose from control by Religious Authorities.  Now, we are doing the responsible thing. We are going to do it right, and do right by humankind. We work with the very essence and eternal future of soul beings, and we have a responsibility to do it right.

No more one-book, 5-hour, training certifications–we are professionals 

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