Verifiable and authentic spiritual qualifications

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How will your spiritual qualifications be received by the public, employers and learning institutions?

As things are right now, a certification as Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master or Massage Therapist speaks to the certificate holder’s skill, but not her/his spiritual development. Spiritual qualifications always suggest that the certificant is spiritually advanced–but how can he be if he had very little training in that? 

Graduates of School of Pneumatherapy are different in that we spend more than 480 hours with every student. It amounts to this–if one sees a friend for 3 hours every week, it will take three years to get to know that friend as well as we know our students, they know us, and their peers in class know one another.

Our graduates develop not only friendships, but they also form deep bonds during hard times in Asia, tough times in class, sensitive times in counselling and on the massage table and fun times in Pub Street and on field trips. Spiritual relationships–with an important professional peer group, and THAT makes the world of difference. The difference shows, and it is sensible to the soul. 

Spiritual Qualifications are Important, and Hard to Validate

There are many charlatans and misled people out there. To validate graduates and maintain the School’s high standing, we provide graduates with official documentation which detail the curriculum and tuition hours. Employers are deeply impressed with this, because it really is impressive. 

Presently, there is nothing in the world to compare with what you will have in your hands, in your skill set, in your mind, heart and soul. spiritual qualification career as spirit soul healer and light workerIn general, hospitals, care centers and prisons typically honour our qualifications to minister to members of our groups (but it always depends on the person making the call).

Universities will not give credit toward courses in their catalogue because of two reasons. One, we are not a university. Universities, by definition, have at least a BA arts program that teach linguistic skills, literary skills, history, art and social studies. The second reason is, the courses we study have no equivalent in university programs. We are on the other side of the world from where typical universities stand. And that is the reason why we can offer a degree in spirituality; we are not in competition with academic institutions of higher academic learning, and we do not pose or proclaim to be an academic institution. We are an institute of higher spiritual learning, and that sets up apart in our own honourable place.

Colleges, on the other hand, have been known to favour candidates who have a thorough background such as ours, for teaching Yoga, Reiki, meditation and so on. Probably not because they know and respect us, but because what you have in hand is impressive compared to what else is available on the market. Nevertheless, we do not speak for all colleges.

Our graduates typically run their own practices, clinics and movements. They develop groups of devotees whom they serve and heal. After the course, you will find that your members and clients are impressed by you, rather than the excellent qualifications you have. We change during the course. A lot.

Ultimately, we humans share soul to soul and THAT is where we are measured first.

We also bring forth our well honed skills and deep knowledge, and that is how long-lasting membership relations are bonded. 


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