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Diploma of Spirit-Soul Therapist (Pneumatherapist)

The Soul-Spirit Therapist Diploma includes 8 weeks’ full-time studies in Siem Reap / Cambodia. Earn eight professional certifications and licenses in one comprehensive Diploma course. Four additional electives available.  Download the prospectus.

Pneumatherapists are well trained in counseling, spirit & soul dynamics and anatomy. To be a spirit–soul therapist, guide, healer or coach, you need excellent qualifications. You are working with the essence of beings, and your guidance or misguidance may have effects that last lifetimes not only for your client, but also for you.

Students have the option to choose an elective that leads to Ordination as Minister of Religion and Spiritual Teacher in the Wayist Tradition, Sacred Sensuality Coach, Certified Coach in Mysticism and Life Coach.

Not academics, but soul skills

What we learn is more than memorizing concepts, which is what academic courses teach. We learn also in soul-mind, and we learn new skills, which takes a little longer than memorizing information. 
We acquire deep insight, wisdom, and exceptional skills–and it takes more time. 
We mature in soul and spirit during the course. We work not only with metaphysical things, but challenging topics such as evaluating ethics, moral codes, world religions, and culturally conditioned thinking.

It is easier than it sounds

The course is successful because it is very well designed and the teachers are professionals with many years of experience. Learning must be fun and a pleasure –  our courses are just that. We have a wonderful time together. Most often, learning happens without the student even knowing it. What is required is to be present, and keep one’s mind on what is happening. 
There are different activities every day. We learn classroom-style lectures for two hours a day. The rest of the day, learning happens in clinics, excursions, and lab-style work. You will love it – just as we do.
The 8-weeks full-time duration of the course for the Diploma is the minimum time required to accomplish what we have to learn.
Please see the prospectus, or the front-page of this web site, for a list of the professional Certifications that are earned during the studies toward the Diploma: Certified Pneumatologist (Spirit-Sould Therapist).
Please note, the overview of modules is just a brief and incomplete outline. The outlines do not reflect outcomes and work done in clinics, labs and hands-on instruction, and of course do not spell out the curriculum.

Certificates: 8 professional certifications and licenses

The Pneumatherapist Diploma is separated into modules and certifications for people who prefer to do only parts of the ancient lifestyle of healing, spirituality and sustainability. (as per Pneumatherapist diploma information and prospectus).
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Students have the option to choose an elective that lead to Ordination as Minister of Religion and Spiritual Teacher in the Wayist Tradition.

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