Anatomy of the Spirit introduces the learner to:

This course is preceded by Metaphysics and Physics 101.

Anatomy of the Spirit is a prerequisite for studies in the Chakras and studies in Meridians and studies in Diagnostics.


By the end of this course the student will understand and be able to professionaly speak to:


Keep in mind that one of the goals of this course is to develop a vocabulary with which to professionally speak to spiritual concepts and spiritual anatomy in particular. During the course, keep notes of words, and try to experess yourself clearly by not resorting to the language of physics, but that of metaphysics.

Allocate about two hours for each section of the course. Do the assessment to check your understanding after each section. Assessments are challenging learning tools. There is no set limit on time or maximum number of attempts.

Take care to not get enmeshed in the detail of the vague sciences, concentrate on grasping the metaphysics. However, you must have a working knowledge of the background and that is why we provide links to related reading matter.


In this course learners are asked to read lessons, watch videos, and follow links to external websotes like Wikipedia to read more.

Make use of the forum, wiki and group interactions to check understanding and get contributions from learners and tutors.

After each section, challenge the Assessment to test your understanding

At the end of the course, if a passmark is achieved, a certificate of completion is issued by the system and your grade is noted.