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We are proud to announce that tasks are well underway to have ALL required theoretical courses online during 2017.

Students are welcome to enroll in the learning path and courses listed below. We add courses faster than you can finish, there won't be any reason to wait for us.

Try some of the FREE courses to get a feel for the e-Campus interface. We chose the Chamilo software for its unser friendliness (although we still need to find the spell checker) and its many learning aids that can be added to courses. 

We look forward to a wonderful time together. As you grow in training to become a Certified professional Pneumatherapist, we will be there and smiling with you on graduation day.


Healer’s Prayer

Make me an instrument of your health
Where there is sickness, let me bring cure;
Where there is injury, aid;
Where there is suffering, ease;
Where there is sadness, comfort;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is death, acceptance and peace;

Grant that I may not so much seek;
To be justified, as to console;
To be obeyed, as to understand;
To be honoured, as to love ...
For it is in giving ourselves that we heal,
It is in listening that we comfort,
And in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Required theoretical courses, sans electives, are listed below.

Theoretical courses that require a practical element are indicated with the suffix,  (theory). The suggested hours of study is based on how long it usually takes to read the material three times. Time to study for the tests or do assignments is not estimated. The true amount of time spent on a course will vary from person to person. As a general rule, 3hours is equal to a full day of study, developing understanding, taking tests and completing assignments. 

Course name | Course code | Category Code | Estimated Hours

  • Anatomy of the Spirit    A101    A100  4hours
  • Detox and Adjunct Therapies (theory)    ADJUNCT002    SK    6hours
  • Introduction to the Chakras    C100    C100    3hours
  • The Chakras (theory)    C101    C100    42hours
  • My Clinic Website    CL101    CL100    5hours
  • Counseling (theory)    COUN01    SK    40hours
  • Tridosha (theory)    DOSHA    DIAGNOSTICS    6hours
  • Assessing Chakra Energy (theory)    ENERGDIA002    DIAGNOSTICS    6hours
  • Essential Oils and Vibrational Therapies (theory)    ESSENCE01    SK    20hours
  • Karman Meditation Instructor (theory)    KM01    MED100    20hours
  • The Meridians (theory)    M100    DIAGNOSTICS    36hours
  • Massage and Marma Therapy (theory)    MAR01    SK    12hours
  • Meditation Instruction (theory)    MED101    MED100    22hours
  • Metaphysics and Physics    METAPH101    PP100    6hours
  • Introduction to Pneumapathy and Pneumatherapy    PP100    PP100    6hours
  • Pulse Diagnosis (theory)    PUL01    DIAGNOSTICS    6hours
  • Foot Reflexology (theory)    REFLEX01    DIAGNOSTICS    12hours
  • SOAP Notes    SOAP (theory)    DIAGNOSTICS    3hours
  • SOMA Dispensing (theory)    SOMA01    SK    6hours
  • Tongue Diagnosis (theory)    TONDIA002    DIAGNOSTICS    6hours
  • Clinical Practise, Ethics and Bedside Manner 18hours
  • Know Your Karma 12hours

Approximate total of 300hours of theory excluding exams and intern clinic hours. Normally, 900 hours of credit is allocated upon certification.

Internship, skills training and clinic hours are NOT dealt with here since these are taught and experienced in a clinical setting of your choice.

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