Prajnaparamita School of Pneumapathy

pneumatherapy school foundersPrajnaparamita School of Pneumapathy was founded in the 1980s in Nepal and Kashmir. The school was the first English language training in for Pranacharya specializing in atma-jiva cikitsa which in itself was an ancient tradition of spiritual healing that goes back to the foundations of humankind. In modern history, people influential in the development of what is known today as Pneumapathy were the likes of Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy (died 22 July 1968) who particularly liked the idea that women were treated equally when it came to learning holistic healing practice.


Foremost healers such as Ms. MJ Hortelano (died 4 April 2001) came from the Philippines to train spiritual healer pneumapath hortelano mjand remained to form the school and champion the cause. Her life’s dedication turned into her legacy that continues to this day. She is well known as healer and teacher in the Philippines.


Online School

After 2015 earthquakePrajnaParamita School lost its training center and clinic in the 2015 earthquake of Nepal. Cost of rebuilding what came over many, many years is beyond our means. The decision was made to take the school online and have practicum and internships to fulfill the requirements for certification and licensing.

As of 2017, the first courses became available online. By the end of 2017, all learning modules will be presented online with only the internship and practicum to be completed in clinics.

Siem Reap

Internships are available in the Angkor Wat Spiritual Energy Center in Cambodia. Students work under supervision of pneumapaths, under leadership of Mr. Jean du Plessis.

Mr. Jean duPlessis (bio)

Jean was first introduced to Pneumatherapy (or Pranacharya as it was called in those days) in the early 1990s while studyingEnergy healer and spiritual teacher Yajn under an Indian master in the south of Kashmir, India. At the time, he was in process to conclude his academic studies in World Religions and Biblical Studies in preparation for an ordained ministry in the Christian tradition. His interest in eastern views of Christ and Pneumatherapy deepened during the following decade in which Jean and his wife Adele founded several programs in Johannesburg’s slums to rescue destitute girl children from drug addiction and street-prostitution. For them, the need for a more efficient holistic therapeutic regime was very pronounced to help in the critical circumstances of their work. Jean and Adele both studied pneumatherapy and western counselling skills alongside their spiritual training.

As a Certified Pneumapath and Spiritual Teacher, Jean uses lifestyle practices and energy therapies to help clients foster an ever-improving experience of wellness. At the core, he is guided by a deep desire to live an authentic life in alignment with his dharma, and to support others in doing the same.

Jean is the author, co-author and editor of several books on spirituality.

Jean teaches at PrajnaParamita School of Pneumapathy and practices Pneumapathy at Angkor Wat Spiritual Energy Center in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Jean and Adele immigrated from South Africa in 2001 and are Canadian citizens with a residence in Ontario.

Author profile Author profile of Jean du Plessis.


Mrs. Adéle has been a lifelong humanitarian, a student and practitioner of spirituality.  She holds degrees in World Religions and Christian Seminary studies, and is qualified in spiritual healing as a Pneumatherapist. She teaches at PrajnaParamita School of Pneumatherapy and works as healer and pneumatherapist in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

For the past thirty years, Adéle has been involved in the startup and running of charities serving the child-in-need in Africa, India, the Philippines and Cambodia.   She served as an ordained Minister in Church of the East, and for more than ten years, served a very humbling congregation of “girl street children” in Hillbrow, Johannesburg.  Adéle believes that working with her children on the streets of Hillbrow is where she truly learned about spirituality.


She was trained in India in various meditation methods, and today Adéle champions the resurgence of Karman Meditation around the world. Adéle teaches at PranjaParamita School of Pneumatherapy in Siem Reap.  



For Internship Applications In Siem Reap

Contact Angkor Wat Spiritual Energy Center (a Wayist center)

66 Wayism Road Sla Kram Commune,

Treang Village Siem Reap, Siem Reap 17251 Cambodia

Tel: +855-077804814 (SR Office)

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