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School of Pneumatherapy is Non-denominational

School of Pneumatherapy ™ is a non-denominational, multi-disciplinary school for professional spiritual counselors and therapists with professional standards. Prajnaparamita School of Pneumatherapy is licensed by International Association of Pneumapathy to train and certify candidates as Certified Pneumatherapist.

  • Students may study the extensive course of theoretical modules online, through our state of the art e-learning campus.
  • Students may also choose to attend full-time studies and do practicum at the Wayist Energy Center clinic in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
  • Students may also apply to our campus in Nepal for full-time studies.

Enjoy a Career in Spiritual and Soul Therapy

Pneumatherapy is the English-language name for the ancient healing regime, in the Sanskrit known as Atman Jiva Cikitasa (Spirit Soul Therapy). We have separated the various aspects of Atman Jiva Cikitasa into modules and separate certifications to teach the ancient lifestyle of healing, spirituality and sustainability in easily digestible and separately certified modules. Read more about the ancient healing regime on IAP’s website.
Become certified as a pneumatherapist or pneumapath. Individual elective modules qualify students who do not want to do the full certification as: spiritual healer, spiritual coach, meditation coach, spiritual teacher, and spiritual community leader, spiritual energy worker.

Course Plan Overviewenergy healer training certification

The following is an outline of course modules in the full course. This is not an exhaustive list of topics and skills that you learn.

  • Health and the purpose of life
  • Metaphysics and Quantum Physics: science is beginning to understand what we have been practicing and teaching for millennia
  • The spiritual realm: spiritual beings, spiritual energy, communication, guidance, intuition, prayer and meditation
  • History of Healing and the place of the Pneumapath
  • Science of allopathy (your medical doctor), homeopathy and naturopathy
  • Energy Healing, 101, 102, 103, 104
  • Organic body anatomy and basic physiology
  • Spiritual body anatomy
  • Pneumatology of chakrasspiritual energy massage
  • Pneumatology of meridians
  • Spiritual energy diagnosis
  • Determining spiritual energy types
  • Energy Detox
  • Physical body detox
  • Karman Active Meditation (certified instructor)
  • Meditation coach (certified)
  • Faith Healing
  • Spiritual “possession”
  • Dealing with mental illness
  • Mind altering drugs and the challenge to spiritual healing
  • Soma medications and prescriptions
  • Acupressure and reflexology
  • Holistic massage (certification)
  • Energy healing massage
  • Meridian healing massage
  • Aromatherapy and healing essences, oilsancient acupressure
  • Reiki (certification, optional)
  • Ethics of healing
  • Professional Ethics
  • Hygiene spiritual, mental and organic
  • Clinic management, marketing and day-to-day running
  • Difficult issues to deal with: nudity, touch and sexual issues for north american and British people, religious issues, couples therapy, the aged, language and cultural barriers, etc.
  • Counselling 101 (102, 103, 104 are electives for advanced studies)
  • Yogic therapies
  • Ayurvedic constitution types and dietary guidelines
  • Spiritual Lifestyle coaching



Diploma: Certified Pneumatherapist includes 8 additional professional certifications and licenses

  • Certified Meditation Instructor (4 main styles: Mantra, Active, Vipassana, Zen)
  • Prana/Reiki Master Healer
  • Certified Holistic Masseuse and Reflexologist
  • Certified Chakra and Karma Therapist
  • Certified Spiritual Counselor
  • Certified Lifestyle Coach

pneumatherapist diagnosing clientCertificates: 8 professional certifications and licenses

The Pneumatherapist Diploma is separated into modules and certifications for people who prefer to do only parts of the ancient lifestyle of healing, spirituality and sustainability. (as per Pneumatherapist diploma information and prosepectus).

“School of Pneumatherapy ushers in a new era of dignity and public trust, it changes forever the image of spiritual workers. Future Swamis and Gurus, Spiritual Healers, Energy Workers and Light Workers will most probably all have graduated from this innovative concept in spiritual skills and wisdom training.” Acharya +Yajn


Pneuma (Gk) means spirit | psyche (Gk) means soul Chakra healing and light worker reiki prana yoga therapy
Pneuma is the ancient Greek word for spirit. This is the word used by Greek philosophers (Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, etc.) and spiritual leaders (Jesus, Philo of Alexandria, etc.) to speak of spirit. The Greek word for soul is psyche, the root of the word psychotherapist and psychology. This is a misnomer because these disciplines do not believe in the soul.

The professional pneumatherapist is certified to work as a spiritual leader, teacher of spirituality, energy healer, spiritual counselor, spirituality coach, Prana / Reiki practitioner, holistic massage therapist, chakra therapist, prana healer, lifestyle coach and a source of beauty, peace and healing in her/his community.

The Pneumatherapist is a mystic. She traverses religions, s/he is comfortable in most traditions and works well when immersed in particular religious traditions, or without.

 pneumatherapist at work in ancient clinic

The Pneumatologist has expanded knowledge about metaphysics and the laws of metaphysical nature.
Pneumatologists and Pneumatherapists have a good working knowledge of Human Anatomy, Sanskrit Terminology, Anatomy of the Soul, Ontology, the Nadis and Kundalini, Karma, Dharma, Prana and Qi, Reincarnation, Channeling Healing, and Mystical Energy, ancient Sutras and source documents behind these metaphysical disciplines, world religions, and more.

Pneumatologists are well-rounded souls who are in contact with their higher-selves and the energies that permeate our universe.

Knowledge, combined with practiced skill as a lifestyle, becomes wisdom. That is what we learn and teach, the wisdom of Pneumatology and skill of Pneumatherapy.

Become certified as a professional who practices the Spiritual Healing and Coaching Arts and Sciences.


1. E-campus interactive online learning, start anytime

Students who enroll in online courses complete their theoretical studies online, and visit a clinic to finish off with a practicum. Practicum is available at clinics in Cambodia and Nepal to qualified, graduated students who will work as assistants to healers to gain hands-on experience. For the full certification as Pneumatherapist, practicum may be three months of clinical practice.

Or choose full-time studies

2. Fifteen-weeks full-time, 500 contact hours in Cambodia

Pneumatologists are exceptionally well qualified spiritual leaders and healers. They are trained by teachers who are not only highly developed in spirituality, but also have solid academic credentials in world religions and spirituality, obtained in Nepal, India, South Africa, Canada (from real, properly accredited universities, seminaries and colleges).

Students spend 4 months, 7 hours per day, in the presence of advanced teachers. Graduates have no less than 200 hours’ hands-on practical training in different techniques, and 400 hours of theoretical training when they graduate. Pneumatherapists have solid academic, theoretical and hands-on practical skills in pneumatology and pneumatherapy, and have studied the spiritual skills to make them good healers. Additionally, they have also studied the origins of spiritual traditions and techniques from ancient sources.

Besides the required hours of hands-on healing experience, graduates also learn the skills required to run a clinic (from marketing to watering plants to management), and the skills to run a retreat and the skills to to present meditation classes and energy healing workshops.

Practicum is available at clinics in Cambodia and Nepal to qualified, graduated students who will work as assistants to healers while gaining hands-on experience. Theoretical full-time studies is available only in our Siem Reap, Cambodia clinic school. Clinic schools have limited enrollment.


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