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School of Spiritual Energy Healing

Prajnaparamita School of Pneumatherapy ™ is a non-denominational, multi-disciplinary school for professional Spiritual Energy Healers, spiritual counselors and therapists with professional standards. Prajnaparamita School of Pneumatherapy is licensed by International Association of Spiritual Energy Healers (IAP) to train and certify candidates as Certified Pneumatherapist.

Several religious organizations recognize our certifications for ordination of their members as Spiritual Healers.

spiritual energy healing healer training professional certificationHow does spiritual energy healing work?

Spiritual energy healing, or pneumapathy in particular, aims its healing at the energies and organs of the spiritual body: chakras, meridians, nadis and other. The ancient principle applies: Where the mind goes, energy goes, or as the ancient scriptures say it, “prana follows focus”.

When the spiritual body and its minds are healthy, Prana flows freely; the minds focus healing energy on all areas of need whether it be the mind of the bio-energy body or the cells and DNA of the bio-energy body itself.

Allopathic medicine (western doctors), Acupuncture, Homeopathay, Naturopathy, all focus on healing of the physical body. We focus on the spiritual body.

Psychologists focus on re-programming of the biological brain. We focus on freeing the spiritual minds of the fetters that inhibit authenticity. We believe that the soul is ancient and it has innate wisdom with which it will solve the problems of this life, and in so doing it will give expression to the authentic self–and overcome culturally conditioned thinking (which often makes us sick).

The holistic person is always Body, Mind and Soul. We heal the soul.

Often, after patients have tried different healing modalities and they are still not improving, that is when they realize the soul was neglected–they never considered the reason or cause of their disease may be spiritual energy and not bio-energy. That is what we do, we heal the holistic person, but from the spiritual energy vantage point.

ancient acupressureWhat does a Spiritual Energy Healer do?

We measure the energies in chakras and meridians, we check yinyang energy balance. We check whether chronic imbalances have made an impact on the physical body or the client’s mental patterning. We dig deep to discover where the problem originates from. We diagnose and remove energy blockages and heal the source of the problem. We heal the spiritual minds and the spiritual energy channels. We liberate the ancient soul’s minds to help the holistic person heal at all levels.



There are four levels, each has its own utility. Some people only ever want to study level 1 (self healing), some want to heal family loved ones only (level 2), and some people want to open a practice or work as a spiritual healer either from home or in a spiritual retreat (levels 3 and 4).


Students may study theoretical modules online through our e-learning campus, then do practicum at a Spiritual Energy Healing center, for example, Wayist Spiritual Energy Center in Cambodia or Nepal.


Students may choose to attend full-time studies and do practicum at a clinic in SE Asia or Mexico.

spiritual energy massageBecome a certified Spiritual Energy Healer

Pneumatherapy is the English-language name for the ancient healing regime of Spiritual Energy Healing. In the Sanskrit language, it was known as Atman-Jiva Cikitasa (Spirit Soul Therapy).

Prajnaparamita School of spiritual energy healing trains students in the ancient art of healing, spirituality and wellness, in easily digestible and separately certified modules.

Spiritual healing is something we all do, instinctively. Reiki is a basic form of spiritual healing. Thousands of years before it was called Reiki in Japan, it was known as Prana healing in India, and Qi Healing in China. We all do spiritual energy healing for ourselves and for loved ones. Instinctively, we hold our hands to a place that hurts (moving energy to the damage), we hug when someone needs to heal their heart (moving our energy to their hurt), we touch when we communicate intimately (transferring prana).

Spiritual healing is not “gift”, it is a skill, an art that can be learned by anyone who wants to help people.

Read more about the ancient healing regime on the website of International Association of Pneumapaths (IAP).

pneumatherapist talking to patient in counseling sessionEnjoy a Career in Spiritual Energy Healing and Soul Therapy

Professional spiritual energy healing is fast becoming mainstream. Several hospitals and clinics in the USA and the West already have resident spiritual healers. Many Western hospitals already allow certified spiritual healers to visit patients. In SE Asia and South America, India and China, spiritual healing is standard and a 1st resort.

Become certified as a professional Spiritual Energy Healer (Pneumatherapist or Pneumapath )

Certifications for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3

PrajnaParamita School of Pneumatherapy offers online part-time, and full-time courses. We also help to get a placement with a clinic or retreat to do your internship.

  • Pneumatherapy Level 1 transfers important theoretical knowledge and self-healing skills. Read more about this course and how it can change your life.
  • Pneumatherapy Level 2 transfers skills to diagnose family members. Read more
  • Pneumatherapy Level 3 completes the theory and skills to work as a professional healer. Read more

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